At the end of March, the fourth project meeting was held as part of the BioCoke4FAI project – Bio-coke for ferroalloys industry production. The meeting was attended by representatives of the project partners, researchers from the SINTEF institute, engineers and technologists from the Norwegian company producing ferroalloys ERAMET and Koksownia Częstochowa Nowa, as well as employees of the Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology (ITPE). This time the organizer and host of the meeting was Koksownia Częstochowa Nowa sp. z o.o. (KCN). The meeting was divided into three parts. In the first substantive part, the participants presented the current results of the project, including the results of research on the impact of the addition of various types of bio-components (including charcoal and waste biomass from food production) on the structural and quality parameters of bio-coke produced on a large-laboratory and pilot scale . The Norwegian partners presented the results of the evaluation of the parameters of bio-coke produced at ITPE within Work Package 2 in terms of its use in electric arc furnaces and ecological aspects of its use. At this stage of the work, it was concluded that bio-coke obtained on the basis of coal-biomass blends meets the requirements for carbon reductantts, and its suitability should be verified during pilot furnace tests that will take place in June and August this year at SINTEF. After discussing substantive and organizational matters, the participants went on a technological visit to the production facilities of the KCN Coking Plant – the department of coke production, by-product plant and the laboratories. On the next day, all participants had the opportunity to see the technological infrastructure of the pilot coke oven with a movable wall in the Liberty Steel Coking Plant in Ostrava. With the use of the aforementioned pilot oven, pilot tests of bio-coke production are carried out. Liberty Steel coking plant is a subcontractor in the Work Package implemented by KCN. The bio-coke produced in the pilot oven will be used for the aforementioned ferroalloy smelting tests in the pilot furnace at SINTEF. We would like to thank all participants for their participation in the meeting, interesting presentations and fruitful discussions.