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  • Presenation on Mineral Engineering Conference MEC 2020/2021
    On October 21, the 5th Mineral Engineering Conference 2020/2021 was held. The conference was held on-line. At the conference, an employee of the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Dr. Eng. Michał Rejdak gave a lecture presenting selected results of the project with the acronym BioCoke4FAI (Bio-coke for ferroalloys industry production), concerning the impact of …

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  • The 72nd meeting of the ICCP
    The 72nd annual meeting of the ICCP (International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology) was held on September 19-24, 2021 in Prague, as part of which a Symposium entitled: ‘Future of Coal and Organic Petrology in the Era of Transition from Fossil to Renewable Fuels” was organized . The meeting was organized by the Czech …

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  • Working visit of Dr. Eng. Michał Książek from SINTEF – research partner of the BioCoke4FAI project.
    On Thursday, June 24, there was a working visit of a representative of our research partner under the BioCoke4FAI project – Dr. Eng. Michał Książek from the SINTEF research institute in Norway. As part of a fruitful visit, the research infrastructure of the Institute was presented, including individual installations and analytical equipment used during the …

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