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A project consortium comprises of 4 entities from 2 countries: Poland and Norway. These entities are experienced research units with an established position in the cokemaking industry (ICHPW) and metallurgy (SINTEF) and leading producers of coke (KCN) and ferroalloys (ERAMET). The composition consists of units from the field of research & development sector and business & industry what forms a unique interaction between science and industry with an opportunity of experience and ideas exchanges.

Maps of Partners

Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology (ITPE) – Project Promoter – was founded in 1955. The Institute has an A – scientific category. The Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology in Zabrze is a National Research Institute with over 65 years of tradition with an established position on the market. The Institute conducts research on the effective use of fossil, renewable and alternative fuels. The Institute’s area of competence focuses on their thermochemical processing in gasification, pyrolysis and combustion processes. All research conducted in the research areas puts a strong emphasis on environmental protection issues, in particular on reducing the emission of gas and dust pollutants and greenhouse gases. In the last years Institute was participated and is participating currently in many research & implementation projects related to developing of coke-making technologies. ITPE is leading WP 1, 2 and 5 of the BioCoke4FAI project.

SINTEF – Research Partner – was established in 1950 by the former Norwegian Institute of Technology, which today is a part of the Norwegian University of Science and technology in Trondheim. As a result of its growth and mergers with other institutes, Sintef has developed into one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations. Actually, Sintef is one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations. Every year they carry out several thousand projects for small and large customers. Sintef is developing solutions and innovations for customers all over the world. They are developing knowledge and technologies that are brought into practical use. Sintef has 2000 employees who are working in sectors of innovation, applied research, technology development, knowledge and solutions for customers large and small across the world. SINTEF is leading WP3 and WP7 of the BioCoke4FAI project.

Eramet Norway

Eramet Norway AS – Industrial Partner – is one of the world’s most sustainable and profitable producers of manganese alloys. The company employs 510 full-time equivalents, and its operations make the ERAMET Group the world’s second-largest producer of manganese ore and the largest producer of refined manganese alloys. The group is focused on mining and the metallurgical industry and is a major global player in three business areas: special steel, manganese, and nickel. The employees working in Eramet Norway range from apprentices and process operators to doctoral-level researchers. With the strategic position of Eramet Norway R&D group located at SINTEF and NTNU in Trondheim, Eramet Norway actively participates and secures long-term R&D partnerships in several large projects supported by the Norwegian Research Council, focusing low a.o. energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and development of biocarbon reductants. ERAMET is leading WP4 of the BioCoke4FAI project.

Koksownia Częstochowa Nowa (KCN)

Koksownia Częstochowa Nowa (KCN) – Industrial Partner – is a company manufacturing coke. It is one of the largest coke producers in Poland with an average production of c.a. 1 mln tonnes coke per year. The industrial plant consists of 3 coke oven batteries of stamp-charging technologies including two of the most modern coke batteries in Poland. Coking Plant was founded in the 60′ of the XX century. Since 2009 one of the main shareholders of the KCN coke plant is Zarmen Group. Most of the production obtained in KCN is delivered to the customers from the European market. In its offer, the KCN coking plant has foundry and blast furnace cokes. KCN was participated and is participating in R&D projects in the field of coke-making technologies. KCN is leading WP6 of the BioCoke4FAI project.